Trenching & Excavating Awareness & Competent Person Training:

The purpose of this course is to increase awareness of the hazards associated with working in or around trenching and excavation projects. Topics include soil classification and analysis, protective systems, sloping, benching, Competent Person responsibilities, hazardous atmospheres, personal protective equipment and review of OSHA standards pertaining to trenches and excavations.


First Aid, CPR & AED Certification:

This course covers a variety of first aid topics and includes hands-on exercises. Attendees will also be required to practice rescue breathing and compression techniques used in CPR. Certifications are good for 2 years.


Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift) Operator Certification:

Course topics include safe operating principles, inspections, stability triangle, controls & instrumentation and the responsibilities of the professional forklift operator. Class room presentation is in combination with an operator evaluation of performance on a forklift. Certifications are good for 3 years.

Scaffold Awareness & Competent Person Training:

This course outlines safe work practices needed when working from elevated work platforms.  Topics include the fundamentals of different types of scaffolding, hazard assessment, load capacities, falling object hazards, fall protection, electrical hazards and the duties of the Competent Person.  It is preferred that you have a scaffold available so that it can be erected, inspected and dismantled during training.


OSHA Construction 10 & 30 Hour Training:

Designed by OSHA, these courses have been developed for employees to be educated about construction safety and health standards. This training is not required by OSHA, but many contractors require at least one employee to have completed either the 10 or 30-Hour course. The training is exactly as it sounds – the 10-Hour OSHA means that 10 hours of classroom training are required to successfully complete the course. The same is true for the 30-Hour OSHA, 30 hours of classroom training are required. To create the most effective class, we compile OSHA required topics and customized training to your scope of work. We recommended superintendents, project managers, foremen and even owners to complete this training.


Heavy Equipment Operator Safety Awareness Training:

This course outlines safe operating practices needed when operating heavy equipment on the jobsite, as well as equipment manufacturer’s policies and procedures as recommended in the Operator’s Manual.

Silica Safety Awareness Training

The purpose of this course is to increase awareness of the hazards associated with tasks involving exposure to respirable crystalline silica.  Topics covered are the health hazards associated with exposure to respirable crystalline silica, specific tasks in the workplace that could result in exposure, specific measures that can be implemented to protect from exposure, Table 1 tasks, medical surveillance program for use of respiratory protection, Silica Competent Person duties.


Fall Protection Safety Awareness Training:

This course is designed to inform, educate, and explore the different aspects of fall protection and the types of fall systems used in today’s environments. Your employees will learn about hazard assessment and techniques they can use to eliminate or protect themselves from the hazard. A review of safe work procedures, site specific fall protection plans and fall protection equipment and inspection is included in this training.


Confined Space Awareness Training & Mock Rescue Exercise:

This course is designed to help employees identify a confined space and the potential dangers associated with working in such environments. Class topics include atmospheric testing, permit documentation, ventilation, attendant and entrant responsibilities, emergency rescue techniques and personal protective equipment. Attendees are to supply a gas monitor and tripod for a hands-on emergency mock rescue exercise.

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Premier Safety Solutions creates a standard of excellence by approaching safety with a positive attitude.

Positive reinforcement encourages management leadership and worker participation in creating and keeping a safe workplace. Safe work habits must become a part of the normal everyday routine.

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