KNOW what to do in an emergency.  Know the fire and emergency evacuation procedures, escape routes, meeting area(s).

Follow established rules, procedures, and safety signs.  Failure to do so is inviting an incident or accident to happen.

Wear the required personal protective equipment (PPE)Know what PPE is required for the task at hand. Wear the PPE correctly.  Wear the PPE every time.

Handle hazardous materials according to instructionsEducate yourself about the substances you are using.  Look over the labels and SDS.  Know the hazards, the required PPE for protection, safe handling procedures and emergency procedures in the event of a spill.

Operate tools and equipment correctlyOnly use tools and equipment that you have been trained to use.  Do not take it upon yourself to maintain or require equipment unless you are authorized to do so.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

Avoid taking safety risksIt is never acceptable to take shortcuts, ignore near misses, or engage in horseplay.  These types of actions can put your own and other lives at risk.

Remove, repair or report safety hazards right away.  Everyone has personal responsibility to correct safety problems.  Respond immediately to hazards.

Report near misses and accidents promptly.  Know what steps to take to report an accident.  Be sure to know the jobsite address!!

Contribute to work zone safety.  Work areas need to be kept neat and clean.  Clutter and other housekeeping hazards can result in an accident or injury.

Take safety training seriously.  Safety training is important!  Listen, ask questions and participate.

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