Lightning is one of the leading weather-related causes of death and injury in the United States. The average bolt of lightning carries over 100,000,000 volts and can reach out over 100 miles.

✓ Lightning can strike up to 5-10 miles in front of or behind the actual rain storm.  Many people are struck by lightning without realizing they are in a risk area.

✓ Lightning will strike the easiest source to ground, not necessarily the highest.

✓ If you can hear thunder, you are within 10 miles of a storm and within reach of lightning. This is the time to seek shelter.

✓ If you begin to feel the hair on your body or head begin to rise, this could be a sign that the positive charge of your body is reaching up to the negative charge of the sky. A strike could be imminent. Stay low and seek shelter.

✓ During a rain storm, if you are caught in the open, crouch low. Do not lie on the ground – you are more apt to receive a secondary shock from the ground if lightning strikes near you.

✓ If someone is struck by lightning, they do not contain an electric charge. Provide first aid immediately and be prepared to provide CPR. Call emergency response services.


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