In the State of Maryland 94 workers were killed in excavation/trenching accidents from 2011-2015

  • This averages to be 19 FATALITIES PER YEAR
  • 12% of those that were killed were self employed
  • All but one was a male

All of these fatalities could have been PREVENTED.  Cave-ins can happen WITHOUT warning.  Other fatal hazards are falls into excavations, equipment falling into excavations, explosion, electrocution, hazardous atmosphere . . .

The most dangerous hazard is having an UNSAFE ATTITUDE . . . “It can’t happen to me”,   “I’d sleep in that hole!”,    “I’ve been doing it this way for years”,    “It’s only going to take me a few minutes”,    “I know what I am doing”,    “I’ll tell you if you need to get out”.

Do your employees need excavation and trench safety training?  Call Premier Safety Solutions today to schedule a training . . . don’t wait . . . be proactive, not reactive.


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