To help combat the cold, portable heaters fueled by propane are often used on construction sites. While they provide adequate heat, there are some obvious safety concerns when using large, high-BTU, portable heaters.

Certain precautions need to be observed when using a propane heater:

  • Only use heaters that are in good condition and operating properly.
  • Keep propane tanks upright and on a firm, level surface.
  • Locate propane tanks at least 6 feet from the heater.
  • Do not use heaters in an area where they can come into contact with combustible materials.
  • Do not place a heater directly on a plywood floor. Instead, place it on a 4-foot by 4-foot square of fire-resistant drywall or cement-board.
  • Protect all hoses from physical damage and pinch points.   Don’t run hoses through a non-secured doorway because a closed door will pinch the hose. If a hose is run through a window, put a block on the sill to prevent the window from closing on and pinching the hose. A damaged or pinched hose could make it difficult for gas to flow into the heater.
  • Do not operate a heater in an area without proper ventilation. Always slightly open a few windows to allow excess accumulation of fumes to escape.


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